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Top 5 predicted travel destinations 2024

Updated: Feb 23

Read below for the top 5 travel destinations from the experts predicted to shape 2024.


With more frequent flights to Tirana airport, Albania offers pristine beaches, mountains, lakes and one of the liveliest cities in the Balkans. Prices are half of the cost of its neighboring countries. An all round winner and only 3 hours away from the UK.


National Geographic placed Slovenia in the top 25 most exceptional places to visit in its nature category 2023. A country that prides itself on sustainability with crystal clear waters and forests across the whole of the country. The landscape makes it an adventure playground with many activities on offer. Lake Bled with its stunning scenery is one of countries famous places to visit alongside the capital Ljublijana.

Northern Morocco

Chefchaouen is known for its houses and buildings in shades of blue, the all blue town is a colorful spectacular against the gorgeous mountain backdrop, which makes it an all year round destination.

Casablanca needs no introduction to the film made there. With vast beaches great for surfing, one of the largest mosques in the world and plenty of souks it’s becoming an alternative to Marrakesh. Of course you must visit the famous Rik’s bar for a cocktail or two.


From squid games to K pop, Korea is firmly placing itself on the map for a long haul holiday. With futuristic cities alongside historic sites this country has a lot to see. Food is out of this world and the culture is different to the rest of Asia. With four distinct seasons, you can choose when to go and what to see, including some amazing hiking trails, cherry blossoms, beaches and even skiing in winter.

Sri Lanka

Another country that is getting popular and especially for wellness and spa holidays. Boutique hotels are popping up all over Sri Lanka and the country has so much to see. Beaches, tea plantations, holy shrines, historic areas, wildlife safaris and more. Sri Lanka is certainly open for tourism.

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