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Malta tips

For such a small island, Malta really packs a big punch. Having lived there myself for four years it’s a great all year round destination for history, food, beach bars and swimming in the Mediterranean sea. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, it makes this English speaking island a winner and only 3 hours away from the UK.

Malta and around the island

  1. Valletta, it’s the capital and the place to explore is packed with sites of historical significance and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. A wander around the city's uphill and downhill narrow streets is a must. 

  2. Experience a Maltese festa. Bring your earplugs for the day and night to experience a traditional festa. The Maltese are known for their love of celebrating. In fact, during most weekends between the months of May and September, each village in Malta and Gozo comes together to celebrate their patron saint. This means fireworks, celebrations and lots of food.

  3. Marsaxlokk (pronounced Marsharshlock) is an authentic fishing port, with coloured fishing boats called luzzu. It’s a must for fresh fish and especially on a Sunday when the market is on.

  4. Mdina, the former capital of Malta, also called “the Silent City”. Mdina is a fortified city loved by tourists for its charm and quiet streets. Just a small walk from Mdina is Rabat where you can try tasty traditional Maltese food, including rabbit and visit St Paul’s Catacombs. Once again Medina, if you time it right it comes alive with a food festival usually in August, which showcases Maltese food at its very best.

  5. One of my favourite things in any country but a must in Malta is the hop on and off bus. 2 lines go round. It’s the best way to see the island at a cheap cost and at any time of the year. It’s a great way to jump off at places like the blue lagoon, Marsaxlokk, the 3 three cities, St Paul’s, Valletta , Hagar Qim, Mndjra temples, Sliema, Dingli cliffs and more. Check out the link here Malta hop on hop off

  1. Popeye Village. From the 1980's the film set is located in the north in Anchor bay and pays a tribute to Robin Willams and the crew filming the movie on sweet haven village. You can now visit the set to meet Popeye himself, Olive Oyl and Bluto. In the summer months you can also grab a sun baked and swim in the sea and tackle an inflatable obstacle course. Visit here for more details Popeye Village

  2. Take the ferry from Sliema to Valletta and back. You can be in the UNESCO enjoying the Baroque architecture, food and tucked away bars in 15 mins. A quick trip back to Sliema you can then sit watching the sun go down over the harbour after just leaving Valletta.

  3. The Ggantija temple complex is a unique pre-historic monument, situated at the center of an extraordinary archaeological landscape, the Xaghra plateau on the island of Gozo. The oldest part of this complex dates to 3600 BC, thus making it one of the earliest free-standing manmade structures in the world.

  4. Visit one of the 365 churches, one for every day of the year on this tiny island including the impressive St John’s cathedral in Valletta. Other must see churches are Ta, Pinu on the island of Gozo and the Mosta Dome in Mosta, famous for a WW2 bomb landing on the dome and never exploding. A replica of the bomb is still in the church for all to see.

Fun and Sun

  1. Walk the promenade. One thing I loved to do morning and night with friends in the cooler months was to walk the promenade from Sliema to Valletta or to St George’s bay. Each walk takes around an hour but is worth it as you have a view of the sea and can stop anywhere along the way for a glance at the sea, some food or a drink.

  2. It can be too hot to do much in the summer months so that’s when you need to find your sea legs. It's a beach club, diving, chilling and swimming type of vibe and a good swim or a dip like a tea bag ( thankyouMartin) is just a lovely way  to cool you down

  3. Exiles beach club in Sliema. It doesn’t look much in the winter months, but this slab of concrete turns into a sunbathing haven in the summer. Jump into the sea, grab some food and chill out with a beer at this unassuming little local spot. It’s a very friendly place where everyone is welcome and it’s where I went for 4 years.

  4. If you want beach club glam then it’s Cafe Del Mar you need to head for in the north of the island. Cheaper and not as “high maintenance” as the Ibiza, but still has that sophisticated vibe. Cafe Del Mar - Make sure to check opening times, especially in winter.

  1. Golden bay beach on the north of the island is a beautiful beach to visit. The Radisson hotel near this beach is a big hit for locals and tourists. Certainly worth a visit and has a great place to eat on the beach, which also offers sunbeds and umbrellas. Note it gets very hot in the summer.

  2. The isle of MTV. Malta's nightlife scene is quite well known considering it’s a small island and many  DJ’s and artists go to Malta to perform. The isle of MTV is usually in in July and other top stars come in July and August, tickets can at times be free or much cheaper than other places in Europe. 

  3. Rolling geeks tour is a golf buggy tour like no other. You drive around the three cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua and wind through their cobbled streets and take a look at the mighty Valletta on the other side of the sea. Rolling Geeks

Gozo and boat trips.

  1. Probably one of the staple things to do in Malta isa boat trip to Camino and the blue lagoon. Hire a private boat, a day tripping boat or a sail boat to go from Malta to the island of Camino and the blue lagoon. Think the bluest of blue waters, swimming and snorkeling and sailing around the island to  get to Malta’s little sister islands. A full and fun day out, just watch that sun in the summer months.

  2. Gozo. A 30 min ferry ride from Malta Mgarr in the North, Gozo is a very quiet version of Malta. Think farmhouses, a few hotels, but mainly small fishing bays, beautiful fish restaurants and a much more chilled out vibe. Hire or car or get a bus at the other end to explore this small island that’s only 8 by 5 miles. Xlendi bay is a must as is Victoria the capital known for its medieval citadel with fortified walls

  1. Gozo. If in Gozo then a trip to the island's brewery is an alternative thing to do. The lord Chambray brewery has been making craft beer since 2014 and the name of the beers reference several iconic Maltese landmarks. You can stop by and taste the beer or buy a few bottles for later.

  2. Ta Cenc cliffs. In Gozo another wonderful place to visit are the cliffs. The best place to watch the sunset and look down along the Mediterranean sea is Ta Cenc.

  3. If you want to add on an additional trip from Malta then it’s a big cruise hub. Cruise ships go daily around the med and it’s a great start to your holiday jumping on in valletta. Fly to Malta from the UK, jump on a cruise and off you go.

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