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About Me

Hi, I'm Nina, I love to travel and have been traveling for 30 years plus. I find there is nothing more exciting than waking up in a new place, putting my shoes on and going to explore.

I'm based in Chiswick, West London now but my feet have never been very firmly on the ground over the last 30 years thanks to my love for travel.


In 2006 myself and my husband Ern packed in our jobs and bought our first round the world ticket. We took a year to travel and then this became our norm. We’d work for five years, save, pack the jobs in and travel for another year in a different direction.

Nina Price Abroad

Passion turned profession

I'm so thrilled that my long-time passion for travel has turned profession, so I can make help turn other people's travel dreams, like yours, into reality.

As well as the extensive qualifications (e.g. ABTA, ATOL), certifications and studying I have done within the travel industry, I also have 50 countries under my belt from personal travel and I absolutely love sending you all on your way to have your own adventures.



Whether its the Maldives, a solo city break, a rail trip through Europe or an all inclusive family holiday in Spain (to name but a few), my mission is always to help you see our beautiful world, your own way, without the stress, hassle, or the time consuming process that booking travel can be for yourself.


So Bon Voyage, Buen Viaje, حسناً، رحلة آمنة...

Let's turn your travel dreams into real life experiences. 

Get in touch with me and let's get planning...

How to book with me and why book with me

Fun Facts About Me

Favourite Country


Number of countries visited

50 at the last count

Where I live now


My former jobs

Portfolio manager, product owner, business analyst.

It’s why I’m organised.

Next travel destinations

Albania, Bavaria,, Morocco, Slovenia , Thailand

What I am scared of

Height,s snakes and mid air turbulence (yes considering how much I fly)

Favourite big city

London and Bangkok

Favourite food

Thai or Mexican

Somewhere I didn't like

Exmouth in Australia,

too many flies

Top Travel Tip

Take photos of your luggage and passport and email them to yourself so you have a backup copy. Pop an airtag in your luggage, so you can track where it is,

Favourite airline

The sea - on it, in it, or dry land

Eva air or Singapore Airlines

In it, when I lived in Malta I used to love swimming in the sea.

Window or aisle seat?


Airbnb or hotel?

Depends who I am with or the type of holiday

My most used travel site  for searching flights and for where the best seats are on your flight after booking.

Most overrated place

Barcelona didn't do it for me

If I went somewhere for a month a year for the rest of my life it would be...

Happy hour cocktail



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Get in Touch

Thanks for enquiring with

Nina Price Travel. I'll be in touch very shortly so we can start discussing

our world, your way.

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