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Tips for booking accommodation

Nearly all trips need accommodation and if you don’t know where to look to get the best deals then your holiday can become unnecessarily expensive. Research is key as is knowing how long you need accommodation for, what’s your budget and what standard of accommodation you are looking for.

Alternatively you can take the hassle out of booking accommodation and ask me to help you in finding a great deal at a great price

Here are my tips for finding accommodation for your trip.

Comparison websites

If you have an idea of where you want to stay then comparison websites are great including the hotels direct website. Prices and terms and conditions, such as non refundable offers can vary quite a lot on these sites, so it’s good to look at a few and do your research.

My recommendations searching from the UK for worldwide accommodation would be. - This is my favourite and top recommended site, it allows you to filter by location, price and lots more and over 100 million reviews published on it.

Agoda - I have used these a lot in Asia and South America and was able to earn points through them to go towards other hotels.

Google Travel, has everything you need and not only accommodation, being Google it has flights and vacation rentals.

Kayak - Not as popular as the above two, but you can still find a bargain here.

Alternative accommodation

If you don’t want a hotel then you might want a villa, an apartment, camping ground or even just a couch in someone's house for the night. All these are possible, but again it’s good to do research, read reviews and look around.

My recommendations for alternative accommodation would be.

Airbnb - A firm favourite of mine where you can discover entire houses or rooms across the world. This can work out cheaper at times if you decide to stay for a week or more long term. It’s like being in a home away from home.

Homestay - Connects host families with students and independent travelers looking for accommodation. They offer a wide selection of rooms for both long and short term accommodation that offer great value for money, leaving you with more to spend enjoying your trip and mingle with the locals.

Couch Surfing - Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. Use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers.

Cool Camping - For that alternative camping, this company offers tents camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping in Australia, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the US.

Travel review websites

Travel review websites can help us out no end, they give you a great insight into the potential place you are going to stay, the surrounding areas and much more. I do always look at some reviews with an open mind as people do like to complain and be negative, rather than be positive. In addition someone else's expectation of a hotel could be very different to what you had in mind. I have most certainly been to places where I've been in both situations, so look at several comments and if someone is complaining about the coffee, but the rest of the accommodation is fine, then you probably know to go ahead and book.

Trip Advisor - The big one that most people know, has reviews on all sorts of accommodation and trips.

Individual hotels also have their own reviews that can be looked at and it’s always good to see if management have followed up on any good or bad reviews.

Online forums on social media can also be a good place to ask and read about reviews, especially if the places you are staying in are fairly new or off the beaten track.

If you would like help booking your accommodation then contact Our World | Your Way.

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