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Passport, visa and insurance tips

Updated: Feb 15

The world is not as scary as you might think, the media likes to report all the bad things that can happen when you are abroad as this gets more clicks. The reality though is that the majority of countries are very safe, so just use your common sense when traveling and prepare correctly before you go away and you will be OK.

Let's start with the basic tips.

Passport, yes we all need one for traveling but the amount of people who do not check if their passport is out of date or up for renewal is a lot.

After 2 years of not traveling through Covid it’s sensible to check the expiration date and make sure you have at least 6 months left on your passport as some countries require this length of time. Don’t leave it to the last minute to renew your passport either as wait times (like summer) can be high.

Make sure if you are traveling for a long time or are visiting countries that need a visa that you have a full (unstamped) page available. Even if one stamp is on a page countries that require a visa will not stick it over the stamp. 

If you travel a lot then when renewing your passport get extra pages added to it. With Brexit we are back to being stamped in and out of Europe and those pages can fill up quickly if you travel a lot.

Visas, check if you need a visa for the country you are going and if you need one before you visit or can get one on arrival, or even an E-visa. The visa situation changes so it's always best to check before you go.  UK Foreign advice  

Insurance, now you think this would be obvious but people do forget or they just think they will be OK as they are only going on a quick weekend or beach break and what could go wrong.

I am the prime example of this as I recently fell down some steps on holiday and ended up needing X rays and could not fly home. Without insurance I would have had no assistance and very large medical bills.

If anything does happen then try to keep all receipts and a timeline as this is needed for making a claim and it does take a while to fill out the forms. Go Walk about insurance is who I use and I can highly recommend them.

My personal preference for insurance is one that covers me for multiple trips for the year as I do travel a lot. It’s also worth checking if you are covered for things like cruises and certain activities including skiing.

Documents. I always take photos of my passport, insurance, where I am staying and email them to myself. This is important so if I lose my phone I can still access them via the internet. I now also take photos of my suitcase and contents just in case that goes wandering too.

Vaccinations, what a lot of people don’t know is if you get sick in certain countries where you are advised to get certain vaccines and you don't, it can invalidate your travel insurance. 

It’s not worth getting sick in places where the standard of treatment might not be what you are used to. Check the countries you are going to and what they require before you go. UK Foreign advice

Your doctor can also check your records to let you know how long ago you had certain vaccines and if they have expired or not. They can give you certain travel vaccines but some you might have to pay for. Remember to also get them a few months before your trip so they have maximum effect.

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