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Packing tips

Are you guilty of over packing? I always think I am going to wear all the things I take but I end up wearing or using the same things and I never wear everything I pack. My gym kit at times has had a free holiday when it’s not even been used once.

Packing tips

  • Apple airtags. I love these and use them on every trip.For me I use them so if my bag does get lost I don’t need to stand for hours at the carousel waiting for it. I can clearly see it’s not turned up and where it’s stuck so I can carry on getting to my hotel or next destination.

  • Lock, when I was backpacking I would always take a lock as a lot of places didn’t have safes. Yes my bag could still be stolen from a hotel or train, but it stops people getting inside of it.

  • Packing cubes, personally I have not used them, but I know loads who have any who swear by them.

  • Pack the first outfit you want to wear on top of everything else. This is important if you can't check in to your room or you are late as it’s night time. Simply grab the items on top.

  • Comfy shoes for the occasion, there's no point trying to go on a walking trip in flip flops, as some people do.

  • When taking toiletries I always wrap them in a small plastic zip lock bag or a shower cap. I have had a few spills over the years so I always wrap them now. Forget full size toiletries if you are traveling for a while, buy them locally.

  • Keep medication on you in your hand luggage and take more of it than needed just in case you get delayed or your flight is canceled. If it’s in your main luggage you won't be able to access it.

  • Hand sanitizer, not thinking germs or covid here but a lot of places can be a little dirty and the style and standard of toilets might not be quite up to the UK.

  • Take two credit cards, especially if traveling for a long time. From my own experience, my credit card has had fraudulent transactions before whilst traveling and I was very grateful to have a backup card.  When you are abroad it can be difficult to get in touch with your local bank so another card is a must.

  • If backpacking, my rule is to only take what you can personally carry. You can’t rely on a partner or friend to carry extra bags and kilograms for you.

  • Don't leave space in trainers or shoes, maximize the space and fill them with socks

Bonus tip

Travel more !!!

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