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My Top 5 destinations

Updated: Feb 23

Here are my top 5 destinations

Having been to some amazing countries and cities I always have a top 5 where I would recommend or or go back to. My list varies a lot year by year as I explore new places. I do always tend to lean towards Asia as I love the culture and people, so Thailand is always a steady staple for me.

See below for my top 5 recommended destinations and my other blog posts for a review about each individual country .

  1. Thailand 

  2. Marrakesh

  3. Easter Island

  4. Malta (having lived there for 4 years)

  5. Dubai ( busy but still nice)

I have so many places that I can recommend as I always find something good in the places I visit. A few other top places that spring to mind are Vienna, traveling in an RV around national parks in the US, the adventure country of NZ, Daintree forest in Australia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Antigua, France, a biking trip in Asia and most recently I loved three night trip to Florence.

Perhaps I need to think about listing the places I didn’t like as much, it might be easier.

If you want to book or have a chat about any of the places above then let me know by contacting Our World, Your Way

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