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Updated: Apr 16

Before going on any trip it’s important to know things like do you need a visa and what vaccinations do you require. It’s also nice to have handy helpful websites like a currency converter, and a weather app.

Read on below for some of the links that I use before and during when I travel

Firstly, the boring, but necessary things you must check

Validation of your passport

It is always best to double check that your passport and those going with you are valid. 

A new “10 year rule” is now in place in the UK, this means that to now enter the EU your UK passport must have been issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the EU country (the issue date)

Your UK passport should also now be valid for at least three months after the day you plan to leave (the date of expiry)

Remember some countries require six months to be left on your passport so make sure you check this. To check this information against each country click Foreign travel advice 


Certain countries require you to have a visa, these can be in the form of an electronic visa, prepaid visa or a visa on arrival. It all depends where you are going and for how long. Once again it’s best to check the following before you go Foreign travel advice

Also, for some countries you need a full page to be added to your visa, so make sure you have enough pages left to do this.


Once again, some countries require you to have vaccinations before entry and it's the same foreign advice link Foreign travel advice

Travel insurance

It’s a given before you go anywhere. Lots to choose from, however I use this one Go walk about travel insurance and get an annual policy which covers me for multiple trips up to 6 weeks each ( contact me for a discount)

The helpful links before you go on holiday

Currency converter

It’s always nice to know how much you are spending and how much something is, so a currency converter is always useful Currency converter

Weather app

It’s great to check up before you go on what the weather is going to be like when you arrive. This helps with packing beforehand too. Most phones have an inbuilt weather app but you can also use this one Met office world weather

World clock

Check the time where you are heading to so you can start to adjust your routine and avoid the dreaded jet lag.

Sharing costs with friends

Going away with friends, family or in a group? A great way to keep tabs on who spends what is an app called Split Wise. Simply add in the people in the group and what you all spend each day and a total is given at the end of how owes what.

Revolute banking

A mobile banking app concept that has been around for a while. It’s easy enough to use on your phone and allows you to add money from your bank account and convert it into the currency of the country you are in. You can then simply pay on your phone and save on large bank fees. Top up again when you run out of money or go to a different country.


eSIMS are fairly new but are a game changer for using your phone abroad. It’s an electronic sim that you can attach to your phone (no physical sim). You simply purchase the eSIM, download it to your mobile and connect to your local network on arrival. With this new concept you are not having to buy a sim when you and and avoid large roaming fees.

Airport lounge passes

If you want to treat yourself or beat the airport crowds then paying to get into an airport lounge can be a great start to your holiday. I can arrange this as part of your holiday.

How to get from A to B

A great website which gives you options on how to get around is Rome2rio - how to get around. Simply add in where you are going to and from and it will give you options for all possible transportation methods.

Flying links that will help you with your journey

Seat checker

Seat guru shows maps of each airline and which seats are best. Simply add in the route you are flying and find your aircraft and see what seats are best. For example if you are near the bathroom or restricted leg room. Handy for when you are booking long haul especially 

Flight tracker

Allows you to track your flight to see where it is in the sky or even give this link to people who want to check where you are on the flight.

Seat pitches

It’s important to know how big your seat is as some airlines have more space than others. To check this for economy, premium, business and first class for all long and short airlines then use this link.

For more travel tips and if you are looking to book your next holiday then contact me on, alternatively visit my website at Nina Price Travel

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