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General travel tips

We all have tips for travel but here are some of my top tips.

Buying an esim. On a recent trip to Asia I pre-bought an esim and it was a game changer. It allowed me to use my phone across multiple countries without having to connect up to wifi and not not being charged roaming fees. is who I used.

Using points and miles to travel. I know it can be difficult to sometimes find reward flights but airlines now also offer hotels, experiences and even wine to spend your points on. It’s worth registering with the airlines and hotel schemes as they do all add up.

Avoid reading trip advisor too much. It's a great site but you will always get people willing to put the bad down more than the good. I have been positively put off by some hotel reviews only to get there and think wow. Different people from different countries expect different standards and might have paid more/less for the same trip or hotel as you. Just keep an open mind and research other sites too.

Boots the chemist now offers a service where you can pre order items like toiletries and pick them up after security. This is great for hand luggage where you can only have 100ml. This service is only offered in certain airports and your order must be placed 48 hours before you fly.

Be cheeky and ask for an upgrade on your hotel room or flight. I have done this several times when flying long haul and a lot of the time there are seats available but at a cost. I have had a few bargains, so it’s always asking politely and the worst someone can say is no.

If you have a digital boarding pass then add it to your wallet or take a photo of it and save it on your phone, this saves on trying to find wifi or switch your phone on at the airport.

Probably a controversial one but I always try to queue behind a single person or a business traveler at security. I try to avoid families and groups as they take too long to get through. Not their fault but trying to unpack a pram, hold the baby, take shoes off looks quite the challenge so I avoid this situation where possible.

If I am arriving late I always have the basics at the top of my bag so I can grab them and unpack the next day. PJ’s, toothbrush and toiletries.

Check which terminal you are flying out and in from. These do change from time to time, especially with the larger airports

If eating at local stalls I always make sure I go to one where I can see lots of locals and especially families with children. If I see that then the food must be fresh, clean and tasty.

Sunscreen, wear it. The sun is different in different countries so don’t get caught out. Also boat trips, reapply all the time. With the sea, sun and wind it’s easy to not notice you are getting burnt. Sun strokes not fun and can ruin the trip.

Take a few days extra of any prescribed medication that you take in case you get stuck unable to travel home.

Set a reminder to check in on a flight as soon as check in is open. This is important if you have a preference for a seat or for traveling with a group so you can try to sit together.

Bonus tip - Book another holiday !!!

To book a trip with me please contact Our World, Your Way.

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