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2024 Travel trends

Travel in 2024 is getting even more interesting and diverse, people are traveling more, wanting different experiences and are exploring further a field. Check out my guide to 2024 -2025 predicted travel trends.

Gig tripping, Be it Taylor Swift, the new Vegas Sphere or your favourite band, traveling to see events is getting more and more popular. If you can’t get a ticket in your own country for a show then it’s getting popular to travel abroad and make a holiday out of it. A concert in an alternative country can be such a different experience. Think Coachelle instead of Glastonbury.

Shoulder season travel - Coolications windows (as they are now known) are being extended. This is particularly true for Europe. Incredibly hot summers, wildfires and summer crowding are pushing travelers to travel later in the year and hotels are opening up to accommodate this. Enjoy that Indian summer vibe in October and November in some countries.

Events. People have always traveled for sport but up and coming events like the Olympics in Paris and Grand Prix packages are allowing people to watch their favourite sport and combine a holiday.

Film locations are also becoming a popular favourite. Think what Game of Thrones did for Croatia.

One country tipped for a boost in tourism in 2025 is Thailand and in particular Koh Samui. Filming of the popular show “White Lotus” is happening there and if the last series in Sicily was to go by, Thailand has a busy time on its hands.

Cruises. More and more cruise ships are being built as the demand is so high and they fill up quickly. It’s not all about the silver hair brigade and having to be over 60 to cruise. Lots of cruises and small ships are tapping into the younger age group and enticing them to set sail. Think Virgin cruises for adults only, tips included and hammocks on your balcony.

Sustainable travel. Travelers are becoming more aware of sustainable travel and the negative impact that tourism can have. Staying at Eco friendly places, train travel instead of flying (where possible) respecting cultures and eating locally is high on the list for the future of travel.

Home swapping. Swapping homes is now becoming a thing as all you need is your flight and you get to experience a home anywhere in the world whilst your home is being looked after. 

Rail travel. More and more people are looking for sustainable travel and rail routes are really making a big bang at the moment. Lots more routes are opening up in Europe and people seem more willing to take a trip by train now.

Disconnecting from social media. With the stress of screen time and hours working and social media, many of us are now looking for holidays to disconnect where the phone goes on silent and the laptop stays shut.

Where’s on your list for 2024? For more inspiration and to book a holiday then contact me on Our World, Your Way

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