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Where to go July/August/September

Where to go when is such an important question in travel, be it sun, ski or a certain trip you want to make sure the weather is right for what you want to do. Maybe you have set dates to go away like school holidays, knowing where to go when is key. You don’t want to plan a whale watching trip when it’s not the correct season or go to the Greeks islands when everything is closed for the season, or miss those all important northern lights.

The guide below will give you a month by month guide of where to go and hopefully give you inspiration for places you have never been to before.

July where to go

Remember school’s out and some summer places can get very hot, especially with global warming

  • Madeira - the hottest month but a great time to explore the island with it’s cool breeze and all year flower boom

  • The Seychelles - Expect glorious weather across the Indian Ocean archipelago to continue throughout July, reaching pleasant highs of around 28°C, usually averaging out around 25°C to 26°C.

  • Switzerland - It’s not just about the winter months, Switzerland is fantastic for hiking, biking with stunning mountain and lake

  • Mexico - Yucatán Peninsula in Tulum and Cancun where you can sunbathe on white beaches and try to catch a glimpse of sea turtles as July is the peak time.

  • The Great Migration, Tanzania and Kenya. One of the world's biggest and boldest wildlife migrations is the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra. It starts in northern Tanzania's Serengeti, and over 1.5 million animals move towards the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya, as they thirst for water and fresh grass.

  • Alaska - There's a small window for Alaska's peak season: late May to July. There will be 17 to 18 hours of daylight each day during a July excursion, and it's also the warmest time of year.

  • Ionian islands - Greece, sun, sea, sand, simple

  • Copenhagen - A busy month but a great time to go when people are in the parks, start to swim and enjoy the food scene.

  • Dordogne - France, another busy one but picture perfect towns, river, chateaux make this area a great place to visit, especially if camping

August where to go

  • Greek island hopping, but not the busy popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos, venture to Andros, Syros, Tiros and many more.

  • Uk - London, Summer in London comes alive, with festivals, beer gardens and a whole host of pop up events and festivals

  • Tallinn - Estonia, not just a winter place, Tallinn comes alive in the summer. Soak up the architecture and wander around the town and up the hills to get a great view of the city

  • Jodhpur - India, The Blue City of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is a travel photographer (and Instagram lover's) dream come true. A seemingly endless maze of blue houses, winding alleys, and colourful doors awaits.

  • Edinburgh, this Scottish favourite host the famous fringe festival at this time of the year 

  • Koh Samui - Thailand, a favourite of mine and August is  a great time to go as it's the dry season. Sit back and just relax on one of its many beaches

  • Chile - Ski fields. If you want snow and powder in the UK summer, then an extreme place to go in Chile, it’s a long way, but if you want to ski, this place is great.

  • Stockholm, Sweden, summer comes alive here with long summer days and island hopping is a must.

  • Berlin - Enjoy the sunshine in the vibrant city and enjoy the summer culture

September where to go

  • Sicily, still very hot in September but much less crowded

  • Maine - USA, September sees New England’s lobster shacks readying to close up shop for winter, so it’s the perfect time to go on a last-minute coastal food crawl. Hoover up Maines famed lobster rolls – overflowing, buttery sandwiches – in villages along the coast

  • Portugal - Lisbon or Porto is a great weekend break, explore the city's different feel and enjoy the food and port on offer.

  • Trekking in Nepal, This is because the weather is prime for easy trekking conditions. Rainy season has petered out, the skies are clear and temperatures are on the cooler side.. Time to get walking.

  • Munich - Oktoberfest has October right there in the title, but Bavaria's beer-based merriment actually begins around the third week of September. So, why not get there early, before others may be aware?

  • Georgia, Hike in the mountains and monasteries and enjoy a quieter Georgia, head for the capital Tbilisi as a starting point.

  • Whitsunday islands - Australia, rain free days and clear skies, make this the perfect time to bum around the islands.

  • Costa Brava - Spain - The summer crowds have gone, the weathers still nice and everything is still open for business.

  • Provence - France, grape picking time and what better time to go than in harvest where you can enjoy the hundreds of vineyards and great weather.

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