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Where to go in October/November/December

Where to go when is such an important question in travel, be it sun, ski or a certain trip you want to make sure the weather is right for what you want to do. Maybe you have set dates to go away like school holidays, knowing where to go when is key. You don’t want to plan a whale watching trip when it’s not the correct season or go to the Greeks islands when everything is closed for the season, or miss those all important northern lights.

The guide below will give you a month by month guide of where to go and hopefully give you inspiration for places you have never been to before.

Where to go in October

  • Berlin - Germany - If you’re looking for an excuse to visit Berlin (aren't we all?), then why not go for the Berlin Festival of Lights?

  • Marrakech - Morocco, If you’re after a bit of hustle and bustle, Marrakech is the place to go. If you don’t want to combat ridiculous heat on top of it, then you're on to a winner with October.

  • Chilean Patagonia - October marks the middle of Chile’s spring, on the cusp of Patagonia’s tourist season. Torres del Paine is one of the nation’s busiest parks, but with good reason.

  • Queensland - Australia For a longer, more adventurous trip, fly to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and work your way up the coast to Cairns in the north of the country. Chase the sun along the coast as you go.

  • Madagascar - December to March constitutes the rainy season in Madagascar, so your best bet is to visit during the local spring months. October hits the sweet spot, just as the island is warming up. 

  • Oman - Cooler temperature means this gulf state can be enjoyed at a much less sweaty pace.

  • Lyon - France, with more restaurants per square meter than anywhere else in the world, it’s a great time to taste Lyon’s food scene

  • Peloponnese - Greece, Quieter month yet it’s still warm and the sea temperature is just perfect

  • New York- USA, not a sticky as the summer months and you get to witness “fall” in the city that never sleeps

Where to go in November

  • Mexico - No doubt you’ve heard of Day of the Dead, but if you’re yet to experience it in all its macabre glory, head down to Michoacan to join in the festivities.

  • Germany - Home to the world-famous Christmas markets, Germany's festive celebrations usually kick off from mid-November.

  • Florida - During the summer Florida is abuzz with tourists. But there's plenty of other lesser-known regions of the Sunshine State to visit, and in November, it's still warm enough for sunbathers.

  • Athens - Greece, For a mild European city break in November, Athens is an excellent bet. With an average daytime temperature of 15°C, November is a perfect month for strolling around the city without the blaze of a scorching sun,

  • Andalucia - Spain , Andalucia is famous for its mild winters, although potentially a little rain. Only a two hour flight from the UK, Seville makes for a perfect winter break

  • Kerala - India Head to India’s tropical Malabar coast this autumn. November is an excellent time to explore Kerala’s palm edged beaches and mangrove lined backwaters

  • New Zealand - Spring is an excellent time to visit New Zealand. While things are getting cold in the northern hemisphere, head down under where everything is in bloom. The climate is lovely in November, with an average temperature of around 18°C.  

  • Goa - India Dry skies and lots of chilled out vibes

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE, The capital certainly has changed, with new hotels, art galleries and lots to do. November is a great cooler month#

  • Malta - Clinging on to Autumn, Malta still gets some heat but without the humidity

Where to go in December

  • Dresden - Germany , Dresden's Christmas market, Striezelmarkt, is the oldest of its kind in Germany, so it's well worth visiting for the history alone.

  • Finnish Lapland, What better place to visit in December than the official home of Santa Claus himself? Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, and is the very definition of a winter wonderland. With temperatures typically ranging between -4°C and -11°C, you're guaranteed piles of snow.

  • Tenerife, still getting warm ish winters, this is a great destination to get some winter sun

  • Cuba, December is the very beginning of Cuba's dry season, offering bright, cloudless skies, warm temperatures and a serious lack of rain

  • New Zealand , Unsurprisingly, it's also summer during December in neighbouring New Zealand. The perfect time to spend some time in the city, hit the surf, or better yet, get up into the mountains

  • Jasper - Canada, get your ski fix in this reliable and fun resort

  • Glacier express  Switzerland, take the world's most scenic train ride from Zermatt to St Moritz

  • Scotland - Celebrate the end of the year at the home of the Hogmanay

  • European Xmas market, plenty to choose from including Vienna, Luxembourg, Dubrovnik, Berlin and even London with it’s own winter wonderland

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