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Where to go in April/May/June

Where to go when is such an important question in travel, be it sun, ski or a certain trip you want to make sure the weather is right for what you want to do. Maybe you have set dates to go away like school holidays, knowing where to go when is key. You don’t want to plan a whale watching trip when it’s not the correct season or go to the Greeks islands when everything is closed for the season, or miss those all important northern lights.

The guide below will give you a month by month guide of where to go and hopefully give you inspiration for places you have never been to before.

April for warm destinations

  • Thailand - Bangkok Thai New Year, better known as Songkran, is essentially a three-day water fight that erupts across the country from 13 April.

  • Morocco - Atlas mountains, the warmer weather is starting so this makes Morocco and hiking in the mountains a great time to go

  • Lycian way - Turkey April is the perfect time to walk sections, or all, of its 540 km, as the cooler weather (early to mid-20s) 

  • Italy - Rome, spring temperature make this destination a more comfortable time for sightseeing

  • Istanbul - Turkey, wander around the bazaars and mosques in a less crowded Istanbul with cooler temperatures

  • Nepal - Trek Nepal’s famous mountains before the summer monsoons sweep in

  • Andalucia - Spain A bit of everything from cities to hills and sea in Granada, Seville and Cordoba

April for cold destinations

  • Uk - April sees puffins return en masse to the windswept Farne Islands, a birder’s paradise off the coast of north Northumberland in northern England.

  • Bolivia - Early April is the last chance in the year to catch the incredible mirror effect created by Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats

  • UK - Lake district, great for hiking and seeing spring daffodils

  • Belgium - Brussels - A quieter time and a little cooler but a great time to try Brussels fantastic eating scene

May for warm destinations

  • Bahamas - Sun-seekers should head to the Bahamas in early May, where temps go as high as 29°C during the day, and stay warm in the evening, averaging around 22°C.

  • Sri lanka's East coast - The less-popular east coast has plenty of dreamy beaches to visit this time of year, and won't be suffering from monsoon season and the right time to see leopards

  • Inca trail - Peru - May is said to be the best time to trek the trail when the weather is most favourable.

  • Botswana - Dry season begins in May and lasts until October, and low season for safari parks is December to April – so May is an ideal time to visit any of Botswana’s main safari reserves.

  • Greece - Classic shoulder season and without the heaving summer crowds and heat

  • Prague - For colour and concerts

May for cold destination

  • UK - Cornwall - beat the crowds for Britain's best beaches before the summer gets incredibly busy

June for warm destinations

  • Canada - By the time June rolls around, Canada’s summer season has started but is not yet in full swing – meaning fewer crowds

  • Madagascar - Throughout June the days in Madagascar are bright and temperate. The occasional rain shower is still to be expected though, as it’s not firmly at the height of the dry season yet. It’s a brilliant time for observing wildlife.

  • Hungry - Come June it’s all go, go, go in Hungary with festivals sprouting up across the capital. First is the Summer Festival, which offers a broad range of cultural performances including concerts

  • Borneo - With June being a dry month with little rainfall in both Sabah and Sarawak, the weather is a good reason in itself to head to Borneo. Add in the fact that June is one of your best shots for one of the world's rarest and most inspiring wildlife experiences

  • Yosemite Park - USA There's probably no better time to enjoy the high waters, rugged landscapes and glorious colours of Yosemite National Park. Early June's weather makes for a typically dry, warm visit, and the larger crowds don't roll around until later in the month 

  • Albania - The new hotlist destination on the rise, great for beaches and mountain hikes.

  • Slovenia - Stunning scenery, firsts galore and outdoor adventure and maybe a dip in Lake Bled, what’s not to like. 

  • Bali - Head to chill in the sun and sea and get that Balinese vibe in dry season

  • Canadian Rockies - Sit back and soak up springtime as you tour through the Rockies.

  • Sardinia Italy - Soak up the sun before the summer crowds start

  • Lisbon - Portugal - Explore this hilly city from a rooftop bar and enjoy the amazing food and drink that Lisbon has to offer

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