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Biking in Vietnam, HCM to Hanoi

If you are looking for a biking trip through Vietnam, then look no further than this 14 days one from Saigon to Hanoi, where you see the best of Vietnam and it’s coast line

I had the most wonderful trip in 2018 and would highly recommend using this local company as they offer several biking trips around Asia.  Every day on the trip is different and it’s amazing riding through the different villages and towns and meeting a whole host of local people along the way. The guide is a local and knows everywhere to cycle in Asia. His team are second to none and go the distance to make sure everything on the trips is perfect.

Food, day trips, hotels, bike, water and snack stops are all included and at any time you feel you need a break you can hop in the air conditioned van that follows behind. 


It’s a 14 day trip that starts from Saigon and ends in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Cycling all along along the magnificent coastlines along the S shaped of Vietnam, up in the mountains of the Central Highland and pedal northward to the incredible sights of UNESCO Heritages. 

Cycling through Dalat, Nah Trang, Tuy Hoa, and ending up in the beautiful Unesco town of Hoi An where you can see floating lanterns, local shops and get clothes made in this UNESCO town.

Carrying on cycling along the stunning coastline until you push upwards in the mountains along Hai Van (Cloud Sea) pass. Rewarded with a long trip downhill and the continuing by train to Hue and continuing to the stunning scenery of Hoa Lu and Cuc Phuong national park, Finishing the trip in the famous Halong bay where you board a traditional boat for the night and cruise along the limestone cliffs. It’s then on to Hanoi where the trip ends and you are free to finally get off your bike.

This trip is a great combination of adventure on bike to challenge those with great passion on two wheels and discover the variety of natural scenes, local ethnic cultures, history of the war and of course the ultimate relaxing moments at the beaches of Vietnam which hosts over 3,000 of km coastlines. 

For more information then take a look at the website Vietnam Adventure Cycle or contact myself on

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