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Biking in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

In early 2023 I was lucky, or crazy enough to fly to Bangkok and join a group to start a 15 day adventure mountain biking through Thailand, Cambodia and ending up in Saigon in Vietnam.

I had the most wonderful trip and would highly recommend using this company as they offer several biking trips around Asia.  Every day on the trip is different and it’s amazing riding through the different villages and towns and meeting a whole host of local people along the way. The guide is a local and knows everywhere to cycle in Asia. His team are second to none and go the distance to make sure everything on the trips is perfect.

Food, day trips, bike, hotels, water and snack stops are all included and at any time you feel you need a break you can hop in the air conditioned van that follows behind. 

Summary of the trip.

The cycling trip with Vietnam Adventure Cycling starts from Bangkok (Thailand) and finish in

Saigon (Vietnam) through Cambodia, pedaling past the scenic coastline in Thailand, ancient temples of Cambodia and rice fields and Mekong river in Vietnam.

Cycling along Thailand's coastline through Laem mae Pim, Chaolao and enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea each day before heading steeper into the Chanthaburi province. It’s from here that the trip crosses into Cambodia at the Cardamom Mountains riding dirt roads to Battambang. Cruise the Tonle Sap lake through floating villages and discover what life is like for the people living on the river. 

Next stop is Siem Reap and cycling around the ancient Angkor temples and ending up in Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia, where it's a chance to take a closer look at Cambodian history and the Kymer regime.

Next the route cycles through Vietnam along the Mekong delta and plentiful rice fields, meeting local people along the way and seeing how they live on the river. Cycling through Can Tho, Tra Vinh, My Tho, before heading up in Saigon to finish.

All in all such a beautiful trip and perfect if you plan to ride in three of Southeast Asia’s most diverse and fascinating countries. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. You will have a chance to see the difference of the culture, beliefs ,religion ,food and the living life of the three countries.

For more information then take a look at the website Vietnam Adventure Cycle or contact myself on

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